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Continental Plan

From 3,200.00 per night

Continental Plan (CP), designed for guests arriving late in the night and leave early in the morning. CP serves 2 Adults and 1 Child below 5 year with early morning Break-Fast only.



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Room Description

This Room Plan opted by guests provides early morning Break-Fast, with Double-Bed Room with required amenities along with river view and Himalayan mountains all around.


Room Amenties

Room Amenties

Television, Intercom, Toiletries.

  1. 6% C.G.S.T & 6% S.G.S.T are charged on this Room-Plan, on the Subtotal Cost of the opted Room Plan
  2. Final Tax Invoice will be mailed to the Guest upon confirmation of payment and after the Check-Out by the guest.

Extra Pax @ Rs. 1300/per night-and @ Rs. 200/- per child per night.

Check-in : 12:00 AM

Check-out : 12:00 AM


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